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Why Choose Healthy K9 Organic Beef Chews


Healthy K9 Original Beef Chews are manufactured in Alberta and made of beef solely raised in North America.

Why is that important?

Because stricter standards ensure a higher quality product. Countries that do not use refrigerated transports will use preservatives to get the meat to the manufacturers.


Healthy K9 Original Beef Chews and treats are made of pure beef, are dried naturally without the use of chemicals or preservatives, high in protein and are totally digestible. Why is that important?

Because many products are processed with additives like coloring, artificial flavors or smoke which your pet may be sensitive to. Products like Rawhide (which is made from skin and has little nutritional value) use detergents and degreasers in the processing and then sterilized with hydrogen peroxide. All of which can cause digestive irritation to your pet.


Healthy K9 Original Beef Chews have excellent health and behavioral benefits.

Why is that important?

Dental problems are a very common issue. 30 minutes of chewing is beneficial to clean plaque from teeth improving oral health. Pets can suffer from Boredom Anxiety and frustration. Instead of relying on medications or replacing shoes and chair legs, Healthy K9 Beef Chews provide a way to relieve your dogs natural chewing habits and anxiety. 


Your dog is not just your pet, he or she is part of the family and as such, deserves top quality and healthy food products.